Ganzeg Gép- és Acélszerkezetgyártó Kft.

Cutting, Machining

Machines and equipment

WFC-10-CNC Horizontal drilling-milling machine

Table size: 1000×1120 mm
Movement coordinates: x=1250 mm, y=1000 mm, z=1250 mm
Spindle extension: W=730 mm
Main spindle cone: ISO50

WFT-13-CNC Horizontal drilling-milling machine

Table size: 1600×1800 mm
Movement coordinates: x=3000 mm, y=2000 mm, z=1500 mm
Spindle extension: W=730 mm
Main spindle cone: ISO50

HCMC-3110 Vertical CNC machining centre

Table size: 3250×1020 mm
Movement coordinates: x=3100 mm, y=1200 mm, z=820 mm
Main spindle cone: ISO50

SD NC 610 E CNC Lathe

Maximum swing diameter
Above the machine base: 610 mm
Above the carrier: 430 mm
Longitudinal displacement: 1000 mm

EEN 630 PNC Lathe

Maximum swing diameter
Above the machine base: 630 mm
Above the carrier: 315 mm
Longitudinal displacement: 2000 mm

NEF 480 CNC Lathe

Maximum swing diameter
Above the machine base:
 480 mm
Above the carrier:
 200 mm
Longitudinal displacement: 1000 mm

Wotan Rapid CNC machining centre

Table size: 800×800 mm
Movement coordinates: x=1200 mm, y=1000 mm, z=960 mm
Table rotation: 0-360 Grad

MUM 8000 CNC machining centre

Table size: 8000×2000 mm
Movement coordinates: x=8000 mm, y=2000 mm, z=900 mm
Main spindle cone: ISO50

6608 Portal milling machine

Table size: 3000×800 mm
Max. workpiece height:
940 mm
Stroke length: 3550 mm

FCH 63 Horizontal milling machine

Table size: 630×220 mm
Movement coordinates: x=1500mm, y=630 mm, z=630 mm
Main spindle cone: ISO50

65 A 90 CNC Milling machine

Table size: 1000×2500 mm
Movement coordinates: x=2000 mm, y=1000 mm, z=874 mm
Main spindle cone: ISO50

VR5NB NC Coordinate drilling machine

Table size: 1600×1000 mm
Max. workpiece height:
400 mm
Range of movement: 1360×1000
Main spindle cone: ISO40

Elbo Controli E346 Tool measuring machine

Measuring range: 360 mm
Height: 400 mm
Axes resolution: X,Y: 1 mikron
Magnification: 25x
Spindle holder: ISO/BT

We also have conventional lathes, milling machines, radial drilling machines and slate grinding machines.