Ganzeg Gép- és Acélszerkezetgyártó Kft.

Our history

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  • 01.01.1959

    Ganz Wagon and Machine Factory and MÁVAG became one of the largest industrial companies in the country, as Ganz- MÁVAG.

  • 01.01.1964

    In the mid-1960s, the Budapest companies began to relocate their factories. The location of the Ganz- MÁVAG locomotive, wagon and machine factory in Zalaegerszeg mainly produced machined steel structures and other parts.i gyáregysége túlnyomó részben forgácsolt acélszerkezeteket és más alkatrészeket gyártott gyártott.

  • 1970-1980.

    Ganz relocations, expansion. Continuous change of the product profile, adapted to the constant needs of the market.

  • 01.09.1988

    Foundation of Ganz Train and Machine Construction Company by legal succession from the Minister of Industry.

  • 01.01.1993

    Ganzeg West Hungary Machine and Steel Construction Limited Company. The company was 100% state-owned, the ownership rights were administered by the State Property Agency.

  • 28.02.1997

    Privatisation, new 100% owner is the Hungarian Ganz Holding Zrt.

The history of Ganzeg Ltd. since its foundation

  • 01.07.1997

    Ganz- Gép és Acélszerkezet Kft. (Ganz- Machinery and Steel Construction Ltd.) is established.

  • 1994 - 1995.

    Quality management system, audited according to ISO 9001.

  • The first railway orders for Ganz Motor.

  • 1997.

    Acquisition of DIN EN 729-2.

  • 2007.

    Acquisition of DIN EN ISO 3834-2.

  • 2009.

    Acquisition of DIN EN 15085-2.

  • 2013.

    Introduction of a new corporate management system.

  • 2017.

    352 million forints were implemented for capacity expansion in the machining areas within the framework of investment support for large companies.

  • 2020.

    Further investments for capacity expansion, including the purchase of a welding robot and the expansion of the painting capacity in 2021.